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   (Established 1994)  

"World's Leading Developer of  Behavior Change Coaching Technology"



Providing behavioral coaching
knowledge & tools since 1994...







" For over 25 years the Behavioral Coaching
Institute has been the world's leading producer
 of behavioral change coaching tools, knowledge
 and best practices..." 

 -HR Monthly

" The Institute is indisputably at the forefront of
professional  behavioral coach training worldwide."

 -ICAA -Centre for International Education



Learn with the world's leading developer and supplier of behavior-science backed coaching technology..

The Behavioral Coaching Institute researches, develops and supplies 'world-best' standard coaching technology with a behavioral-science foundation -such as: proprietary, cutting-edge behavioral change coaching models, tools and practice support for professional people developers.


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Industry-recognized Certification
 specializing in sustainable, measurable
  behavior change conducted by the
 Institute's internationally renowned Coach
 Training Schools


      The Graduate School of Master Coaches  

  The Graduate School of Health & Applied Sciences  

  The Graduate School of Neuroscience  

- Masters level Behavioral Change Coaching Certification via
 the below internationally recognized Certified Master Coach
 and Diploma Courses:



Behavioral Sciences Board
 Accredited Coach Credentialing

-   Accelerated E-Learning. Full Certification.


- receive "Dip Exec C." Letters after your name!

- receive "Dip HPBC." Letters after your name!

- receive "Dip Corp. Coaching." Letters after your name!

- receive "Dip EmC." Letters after your name!

- receive "Dip NeuroC." Letters after your name!

- receive "Dip L.C." Letters after your name!
  Master Coach Credentialing Program

Executive Workplace Coaching
- receive "M.C.C." Letters after your name!

Emotion Focus
- receive "M.C.C EmC." Letters after your name!

              Suitable for:
- Executive/Leadership Development
- HR -for Mid-to-Executive level HR Leaders
- Change Management
- Performance Management
- Talent / Career Management
- Team Coaching
- Sales Coaching
- Life Skills / Wellness / Personal Development 
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Behavioral Change Coaching: 
Our graduates do not change people’s personality or the essence of who they are! But rather, show them, in just a few short sessions, how to positively change their lives, fulfill their potential and become a happier, healthier and more successful person by exchanging maladaptive behavioral drivers for misplaced positive, adaptive ones that worked well in the past for them!!  
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The advanced scientific knowledge and practice skill sets is disseminated, in easy-to-follow steps, via our Coach Training School (the Graduate School of Master Coaches). The School (established in 1994) is recognized as the world's premier training institution in behavioral change coaching certification.

The Institute's School's expert faculty members are acknowledged authorities in behavioral change methodology and coaching practice.

The Institute's
trains qualified individuals to achieve personal mastery as well as obtain formal 'world-class' professional credentials.

Over the last twenty five years BCI has worked with hundreds of organizations, government agencies and educational institutions worldwide in assisting them to establish world best standard methodological, accountable behavioral change coaching programs..










Dr Perry Zeus
(BCI's Founder and Faculty Head)

As the #1 behavioral change coaching developer in the world, Dr Perry Zeus has been called upon to consult and coach many of the world¹s top companies and CEOs.
He was a pioneer of the Coaching industry over 25 years ago and helped build what it is today.
Thousands of talented coaches around the world, trained in the use of Dr Zeus’s methodology and practices, help people, from all walks of life, build a roadmap to a life of achievement and true fulfillment.


ICC Accreditation

The Behavioral Coaching Institute is the only authorized agent to act
on behalf of the International Coaching Council.

  BCI is a Founding ICC Board Member
and is acknowledged as the the world's leading
 of professional behavior
al change coaching 
and practices

Obtain international recognition of your
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Board of Behavioral Sciences
Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.

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