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"Dr Perry Zeus and Dr Skiffington's best-selling coaching text books document the
    many outstanding success stories of their Institute's organizational clients and
    graduates across the world."
-ICAA -Centre for International Education


By Dr Perry Zeus

  Global economic crisis highlights need for high performance behavioral coaching.  
The need for the specialist coach versus the generic, executive coach in today's changed new world.
The future of Executive Coaching in a recession.
Behavioral Health, Longevity and High Performance Neuro-Behavioral Coaching
Behavior Change, Neuroscience and Coaching 
Behavior Based Coaching: -An explanation
The need for behavior-based coaching methodologies to establish a coaching culture in the workplace
Advanced Coaching Methodology
Neuro Self-Transformational Change Coaching Model
The New Era of Organizational Coaching
Performance Coaching and Performance Management
Recession and Stress -affect on leadership performance
Workplace Coaching Models
How Elon Musk and Nikola Telsa used advanced Visualization techniques to build a desired future.
Anxiety in the workplace -treatment solutions
How to develop Intuition in the workplace
How to regulate excessive neural activity using the right, validated NEURO-BEHAVIORAL coaching tools to help people live longer, feel better, and be better in both their personal and professional lives.
Working with the Past Self & Present Self to build a better tomorrow
Longevity & Health Coaching -Definitions and Meanings
What is -Neuro Positive Age Coaching ?




- The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work 

"This best-selling coaching book, introduces step-by-step: the elements and nature of coaching, coaching in the workplace, areas of application and the competencies of
successful coaches."
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-Also available in Chinese and Spanish (see below)  

- The Coaching at Work Toolkit  

"This vital companion resource book to the above title is a priceless, introductory-level toolkit of validated coaching tools and techniques, theories and practices that affect learning and change." -read more..


- Behavioral Coaching - How to Build Sustainable Personal and Organizational Strength

"Behavioral Coaching provides the psychological foundation for the coaching applications in The
Coaching at Work Toolkit.
This book presents a coherent definition and model of behavioral coaching based upon scientific, validated behavioural principles. It provides structured
models and explanations about obtaining durable and measurable change in individuals and organisations." -ICA 

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The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work:  
ISBN: 0074708422



Latest Reviews:
"... the most comprehensive book yet authored on the contemporary involvement of coaches in the business and executive development world."  Dr. Rey Carr - Peer Coaching Resources - Canada.


"'s the best one on the market."  Dr. Freda Turner -University of Phoenix  


"The complete guide to coaching at work is aptly named. Content 8/10 Readability 9/10. The HR Insider


"Zeus and Skiffington's coaching books have become industry standard materials throughout the global coaching
 community and make valuable reference resources for any coaching program. This book is the first introductory-level text
 that provides practical steps in applying the model of coaching... while her elite courses show you how to select and
 master the appropriate tools and processes for your specific intervention."
Dr. H. Blundall - ICM Global Training Director


Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional.

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The Coaching at Work Toolkit: A Complete Guide to Techniques
and Practices

ISBN: 0074711032




Latest Reviews:
"To date, most available coaching books detail the standard practice of goal setting and actioning and some coach interventions but they do not offer too many actual techniques that facilitate the desired change. These invaluable techniques are outlined and discussed, and then presented alongside case studies and exercises. The toolkit is a professional, yet easy-to-understand reference book and includes a complete glossary. Both authors have extensive global coaching experience." -DA Information Services



For the past ten years the authors, first as practitioners and then as educators, have worked closely with colleagues across the globe to develop coaching techniques that produce positive, measurable lasting change.

The Coaching at Work Toolkit is the first comprehensive, practical resource for aspiring, novice and experienced coaches in the use of the theories, tools, techniques and practices that affect learning and change. This resource book is a priceless toolkit of validated coaching tools and psychology-based techniques. It is also a much needed guide to understanding the practice of coaching and applying the theories and language associated with it.

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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional.

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Behavioral Coaching: How to build sustainable personal and organizational strength
ISBN: 007471

NASA Review: -
"In every field of human endeavor in which performance is key, coaching is integral to helping shift an individual's mindset, approaches, and behaviors to ensure more effective action and greater business success. It's all about company and employee strengthening and growth. 

In their new groundbreaking text book, Zeus and Skiffington provide us, in clear detail, the critical key methodology and thinking ...that all persons working to achieve sustainable personal, professional and organizational strength and growth can now readily employ for success. -Your Strengths are the Paths to Excellence. National Aeronautics and Space Administration -Report.  -E. Saxinger (NASA Work/Life Program Manager)

Latest Review:
"..many professional coaches have moved away from reliance on the often simplistic and mechanical proprietary coaching systems taught in many commercial coach training schools and are seeking to work with theoretically grounded and empirically validated approaches. In this context Skiffington and Zeus’s third book is a welcome and timely text.

A detailed and well-crafted exposition of the behavioural science of executive, workplace and personal coaching, it is technical enough to satisfy the psychologists and theorists but is accessible to those without a background in the behavioural sciences. It presents an integrated model of evidence-based coaching which explicitly draws on adult learning principles, psychology and philosophy ....this book marks a new stage in the maturation of the coaching industry and makes a significant contribution to establishing coaching as a well-grounded cross-disciplinary means of facilitating human and organisational change. A must-have for coaches and Human Resource professionals." 
Dr Anthony Grant (Director of CPU, School of Psychology, University of Sydney). A.F.Review.

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