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- specializing in behavior change


Learn how to empower well-functioning young persons (aged 6 to 26) to further expand their behavioral flexibility and consistently perform at new peak levels and, also help other children overcome their behavior challenges.


  Learn the Art & Practice of the latest Science-based Behavioral Coaching and help all Children enhance their cognitive ability, expand their mindset and build a bigger, brighter future !  

Note: This is not a generalist child life skills coaching course!

So, who is this special, advanced, child behavior life coach training program for?:

* You want to launch your OWN profitable and incredibly personally rewarding child life coaching business specializing in science-based, sustainable, behavioral change.

* You want to separate yourself from others by gaining internationally recognized, child behavior coach certification.

* You want to add child behavior coaching skills to your current role, whether as a teacher, a coach, a counsellor, medical professional, a TA, or something else.

* You're a parent / caregiver and want to learn the latest, scientifically proven child behavior / life coaching techniques.





Dr Perry Zeus's

  - for Professionals, Parents and Caregivers

Future Building: Working together to make a real difference to the lives of families and their support network.

For over 25 years the Behavioral Coaching Institute has established a worldwide reputation for training the world's top Life Behavior Coaches. In fact, the Institute was the world’s first professional coach training school.

The Institute uniquely provides world best standard, specialized, child life coach training for sustainable behavior change that delivers rapid, enhanced, measurable change solutions.

We also guide and support professionals in education, psychology, social work and family support groups, so they provide the latest, evidence-based behavior change methodology and tools within their own organizations, and for their clients.

The Institute’s child life coach training and extensive range of behavior change tools are underpinned by the latest research in behavioral sciences, yet they are easy-to-learn, practical and easy-to-implement.




World's leading Behavioral Health & Applied Science Coach Training School



  Diploma in Children Behavior and Parent Coaching
Graduates receive the Diploma and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "Dip. Behavior"

  Certified Master Child Coach
Graduates receive the Diploma and are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "M.C.C. Behavior"
    The Institute’s internationally recognized behavior coach training courses and resources equip course participants with the latest behavioral knowledge sets, skills and tools to guide children, adolescents and adults to build a bigger and brighter future.  
  Level 1: Master Certified Child Coach  
  Level 2: Advanced DIPLOMA in Child Behavior and Parent Coaching  
  Level 3: Dual Certificate Course (above 2 Courses).  
Fast-tracked E-Learning (40-60 hours) with Full Certification


For Professionals. 2 Day, Very Small Group, Campus Program with some required pre-course preparation/reading (Dr Zeus: Special Course Facilitator next semester).
Note: As this is an invitational program there is:
No required Add-on coach training or mentoring hours
No assessment
No set Starting or Completion time...for Self-paced E-learning

  NOTE: This is not an open program to all people. As an invitation only behavior coach training course, Dr Zeus and his Student Selection Panel carefully select individuals who share the same caring values to children and can work at the highest level as specialist child behavior health advocates. 

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Helping all children cope with today and prepare for an uncertain future

The narrowing window of today’s opportunity to take action in helping our children manage their behavior and performance is critical and without real action the future could be fairly bleak.

According to a new government sponsored study published in the JAMA Pediatrics medical journal there was a 21% increase in children with behavior or conduct problems in the last year.

“Our research highlights a critical need to support both children and their caregivers to improve families’ mental and emotional well-being,” Dr. Michael Warren, a co-author of the study, said in a statement.

The study comes on the heels of a warning last year from the U.S. surgeon general of a growing mental health crisis among young people.





The Institute's Behavior Coaching Certification Courses are preferred by the world's leading health care organizations
 -such as:


Red Cross,  Howard Hughes Medical Institute,   University Hospital Birmingham, University of Washington, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology,  Sing Health Polyclinics,  Pfizer,  World Vision,  Siemens Medical,  Mount Royal University.




Child Behavior
 Coach Certificate Course



Obtain world recognized Board Accredited Certification.
- ICC Board Accreditation

Board accredited certification demonstrates a coaches expertise in neuro-behavioral coaching for life wellness and peak performance practice. Certification by the world's leading coach accreditation body, the International Coaching Council (ICC) Board, involves confirmation of completing a world-best standard, industry-recognized course that is designed and administered by instructors who are world recognized experts in the field.




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Todays' exciting, rapidly growing field of Child Behavior Coaching..
- New connections in neuropsychology, cognitive-behavioral sciences, and child development

Today, we are witnessing a new direction in child life coaching towards the integration of cutting-edge, neuropsychological models, tools and techniques. This exciting direction heralds a new era in child coaching where the role of the neuro-behavioral sciences is driving the development of coaching practice to previously unreachable levels of sustainable success.

New technology and the latest behavioral research is providing deeper insights into the functioning of the child's brain and mind, especially as it relates to the process of change and self-development.

Based on these powerful new insights, the Institute's course graduates are uniquely able to take a cutting-edge, science-based approach to child behavioral change and personal development coaching.

There are now a small number of scientifically proven, different neuropsychological treatment approaches that can be used to address specific child behavior needs. The Institute is at the forefront of teaching our students these methods to deliver unmatched intervention results.

For example: The latest, easy-to-use, accelerated Neuroplasticity Change Models taught in the course enhance and regulate both the neuronal pathways in the brain and cognitive (the mind -how we think) patterns.

Cognitive neuroscience is a relatively new field which bridges the gap between the study of behaviors (psychology) and the study of neural processes (neurosciences).

One specialist area of study by Cognitive Neuroscientists / Neuropsychologists, which is a focus of our course, is understanding how deep perception (accessing the subconscious mind's theta brainwaves) through fast and easy, experiential, perceptual meta-self-awareness exercises can stimulate neural re-growth that generates sustainable, measurable, highly beneficial change for all persons -no matter their level of prior performance.

Child Behavior-focused Coaching can, at times, be remedial when working with say; a child with emotional management needs, but primarily it’s about working with well functioning children and helping them move to their next level of mental performance, enhancing their well-being and helping families and caregivers create a positive, energetic, creative, collaborative environment for them to flourish in.

Child Behavior-focused Coaching is a proven vehicle for helping all young people (from age 6 to 26) to better understand their thoughts, emotions, moods and behaviors -to better understand themselves and unlock, untapped power of their brain-mind-body continuum to release their potential, live at their best and design a future with no limits.


The Behavioral Coaching Institute was the world’s first professional coach training school (established 1994).

Behavioral health relates to your behavior (what you do and say). It is the way your mindset and emotions affect your feelings, thinking and performance which inturn affects your wellness (mental and physical health).

It is about the inter-connection between your brain, mind and body.



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Course Graduates can also apply for an exclusive
 License to teach our child / youth certified course in their region.




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Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.
Founding Board Member of International Coaching Council


Note: The Behavioral Coaching Institute courses focuses on the fields of life wellness coaching. Only a appropriately-credentialed health care professional should work on medical or psychological disorders. Any of our course graduates practice independently from our Institute. The Institute does provide any warranty or promises on our graduates services. The Institute does not itself provide behavioral health professional or other healthcare provider services.